Centers of Dental Specialties in the Context of Oral Health Attention Regionalization in Brazil: PMAQ-CEO Results

Objective: To describe the distribution of Centers of Dental Specialties by Brazilian health regions and analyze the intermunicipal consortia as an alternative management of provision of oral health in the medium complexity. Material and Methods: The quantitative database of the external evaluation of the first-cycle PMAQ CEO directed to the CEO Manager was explored (Module II - 4.1), which seeks to identify the relationship of professionals and locate the consortium-type management. To obtain data about health regions, the interfederactive department of Strategic and Participative Management of the Health Ministry of Brazil database has been consulted. Results: In national perspective, of the 438 health regions, 78.1% (n = 342) have at least one service implanted. Under federal management, only university services: 02 in Pará and 01 in Santa Catarina. There are 40 services under state management (4.3% of the total in Brazil), half of which are under the model of consortiums between state and municipalities, especially Ceará, with fifteen and Paraná with five. Municipals consortiums are institutional arrangements still incipient: 4.62% of specialized dental clinics in Brazil. Conclusion: There was a rapid expansion of Centers of Dental Specialties after ten years of their implementation, demonstrating a healthy capillarity and a great capacity for the implementation of Health Policies. The incipient supply of medium complexity oral health services via specialized dental clinics of the consortium-type management model was verified.