Management Models of Centers of Dental Specialties: Analysis from PMAQ-CEO

Objective: To identify and understand how management models are being institutionalized in Centers of Dental Specialties, specifically with regard to the public-private relationship. Material and Methods: A descriptive and quantitative study using database of the 1st cycle PMAQ/CEO External Evaluation, specific to the question directed to managers or Dentists working at CEO: what is the labor link of CEO professionals? It was considered an alternative model when at least one dentist had non-statutory labor relationship. Statistical analyses performed were exploratory and descriptive. Results: Data were collected from 930 CEOs distributed throughout Brazil, of which 170 (18.3%) are under alternative management model, especially in the southeastern (37.6%) and northeastern regions (34.7%), distributed in 147 municipalities, 144 (85%) under municipal management, 22 (13%) under state management. Of CEOs with state management, 68% are in Ceará State and 27% in Paraná State. In 78.6% of CEOs, the labor link of dentists is exclusively via direct public administration. Other 10.1% are in direct public administration with new legal arrangements. Only alternative management models were identified in 8.2% of CEOs. Conclusion: A significant number of CEOs are under alternative management model, and its distribution to all regions indicates a consolidation trend.