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Repeated General Anesthesia in a Patient With Noonan Syndrome.

Resumo Noonan syndrome (NS) is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by facial anomalies, short stature, chest deformity, congenital heart diseases, and other comorbidities. The challenges faced during anesthetic management of patients with NS could be due to congenital heart diseases, hemostatic disorders, and airway anomalies. Here we describe dental treatment under general anesthesia performed for a 28-year-old man with NS. He had characteristic features of NS along with mild pulmonary valve stenosis. Dental treatment under general anesthesia was performed successfully on 13 occasions with nasotracheal intubation under curve-tipped suction catheter guidance or insertion of a reinforced laryngeal mask airway. This case suggests that for patients with NS, who might present several challenges, dental anesthesiologists should consider the extent of the patient's disorders to enable them to perform dental treatment safely under general anesthesia.