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A study of the provision of hospital based dental general anaesthetic services for children in the northwest of England: part 1--a comparison of service delivery between six hospitals.

Resumo BACKGROUND: Extensive caries in children can result in a referral for tooth extraction under General Anaesthesia (GA). While there are guidelines for the use of GA within paediatric dentistry this process is ultimately dependent upon the decision making of the treating dentist. This decision can be influenced locally by the availability of services and their waiting list. GA services for paediatric extractions (DGA) have developed from different historical positions, including community dental services, maxillofacial services and paediatric led specialist services. METHODS: This article explores the differences between DGA services provided by 6 randomly selected hospitals across the North West of England. 456 patients who attended a routine DGA appointment in each hospital over a period of two months from 2012 to 2013 gave consent to allow access to their clinical notes and completed a questionnaire (93% consent rate). Data were entered onto SPSS and appropriate statistical tests undertaken. RESULTS: Differences between hospitals included the clinic structure, patient characteristics and the treatment provided. There was a significant difference in the number of previous child DGAs experienced within the family, ranging from 33% to 59